Blast from the Past: Can We Learn From the Past? - Grade 3 Social Studies - Unit 1

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The SLVBOCES has "enhanced" this curriculum overview sample by prioritizing the Learning Objectives students should learn during this unit. They are prioritized "to help teachers know how much time they should be devoting to a sparticular objective. Learning objective prioroties are color coded as follows: red - most important, blue - next most important, and black - least critical.

Inquiry Question (Engaging - Debatable):

  • Why is it important to know about the past? (SS09-GR.3-S.1-GLE.2-EO.a, b)
  • Why is trade important to growing and maintaining a community? (SS09-GR.3-S.1-GLE.1-IQ.2)
  • How do people choose where to live? (SS09-GR.3-S.2-RA.1, 2) and (SS09-GR.3-S.1-GLE.2-EO.c)
  • Why do we have rules? Who makes and enforces these rules? (SS09-GR.3-S.4-GLE.2-IQ.4)



Concepts: Past and Present; Community; Region; Change; Migration; Historical Sources (artifacts, pictures and documents); Geographic Tools; Questions; Forms of Exchange; Government; Rules