3-D Required - Grade 7 Math - Unit 4

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The SLVBOCES has "enhanced" this curriculum overview sample by prioritizing the Learning Objectives students should learn during this unit. They are prioritized "to help teachers know how much time they should be devoting to a sparticular objective. Learning objective prioroties are color coded as follows: red - most important, blue - next most important, and black - least critical.

Inquiry Questions (Engaging - Debatable):

  • Why is pi an important number? (MA10-GR.7-S.4-GLE.2-IQ.8)
  • How many two-dimensional shapes can you make by slicing a three-dimensional object?

Concepts: Circumference, area, circle, diameter, π, ratio, radius, slice, three-dimensional figures, two-dimensional figures, scale factor, magnification, zoom level, scale drawings, characteristics, drawing, tools (rulers, protractors, compasses), complementary, supplementary, adjacent, vertical, angles, indirect measurement, additive property, area, volume, decomposition, composition