4 Study Abroad Myths Students Should Stop Believing!

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Studying abroad is surely something that almost every student dreams about. Exchange student programs are also becoming increasingly popular. Not only studying abroad gives students an opportunity to acquire a more well-rounded education, it also enriches their experiences as an individual.

However, there are several myths that might deter students from even applying for study programs abroad. There may also be several myths that delude students into glamorizing life as a student abroad, making them regret their decision.

Below are just a few myths that need busting if one is to make an educated decision about going abroad from their studies:

Myth #1: Studying Abroad is Expensive

Many students who go to study abroad may become the object of envy among their peers, who feel that one needs a lot of extra cash to go to another country. This is not necessarily true. The cost of studying abroad depends largely on the destination country, the program type, length of stay, cost of living, and whether the program is funded by the university or a third-party organization.

Many educational institutions would pay some of the costs for a student to go abroad and represent them in another institution. In fact, a semester in another country would probably end up costing the same as in the home country, with all the added benefits of enjoying new surroundings.

Some programs might even be cheaper than the home country, thanks to exchange rates and low cost of living in developing countries.

Myth #2: It’s More Fun Than Work

Nope. You go abroad to study, you will have to study. Some students may view going abroad as a vacation, whether they’re going for studies or something else. Even some programs are designed as tourist vacation, providing bus rides from one sightseeing location to another.

However, studying abroad should be utilized to adopt and hone precious skills, which you won’t be able to get in your home country. Plus, staying in another country for a while can open up personal and professional opportunities. One should be on the lookout for chances to improve their resume, transcript, or intelligence when they study abroad.

Students’ academic career could be all the better for challenging themselves and learning about new lifestyles and ideas. This could help them make a better impact on the world before and after they graduate.

Myth #3: Studying Abroad And Travelling Is The Same Thing

Studying abroad is all about imbibing new idea, values and life experiences. Travelling gives one only a portion of the experiences that one could have as an actual student abroad. By attending classes, one can become familiar with the local languages and customers much more likely than touring the whole country as a tourist.

Actually living in a place as a student and resident offer new insights every day, much more than seeing major sights would for the ordinary traveler.

Myth #4: Study Abroad Is More For Arts And Humanities Students

Students of languages, international relations, and Social Sciences are the ones that are expected to go abroad fro further studies. However, business students and even those in the math, science, and engineering departments can greatly benefit from going abroad for further studies. Some countries have excellent advancements in these fields and can send students to great heights if they come to study there.

Wrapping Up…

If given permission and encouragement, students could achieve much more by studying abroad than one could imagine. They would develop as human beings and better students as well. Who knows, their very lives might change as a result of seeing new ways to view the world and highly-developed study programs than they get at home.

About Writer: Alison Cerys is an Educator, Academic Counselor and a Blogger. In her leisure time, she provides help for dissertation for struggling students. She also conducts writing workshops and is a popular blogger on the ‘in’ and ‘outs’ of education at the higher level. 

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Studying abroad is surely something that almost every student dreams about!

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