What's in the digital content collections

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How could you use the following in helping teachers in your districts access and use the digital collections in LiveBinders?  Note we have also attached a word version of this information. Post New Comment below to share your thoughts and ideas.

The Colorado BOCES and eNetLearning have created a way for Colorado educators to easily access thousands of standards aligned units, lessons, assessments and resources and use them today!

  • This project builds on the over 600 Colorado Curriculum Overview Samples and Instructional Units authored by Colorado teachers through CDE’s Content Collaborative project.
  • BOCES and school districts collaborated and developed enhanced standards aligned units, lessons, resources and assessments that support these samples.
  • The resources are available to teachers and district leaders statewide
  • A log-in or account is not required to access the resources

Here's a link to all the binders currently supported by eNetLearning and the Colorado BOCES, more are being built and added.

What’s in a digital binder for teachers?

Here's a link to the

You'll see:

  1. Grade Level Standards and Resources developed by SC BOCES
  2. Assessment Resources for the subject area and grade levels from
    1. CDE,
    2.  Performance Assessments written by Colorado Educators
    3. SLV BOCES districts have created assessments aligned with the CO Sample Curriculum units
  3. A Scope and Sequence for HS RWC Sample units from the SC BOCES project
  4. Grade RWC Sample and Instructional Curriculum Units with resources by grade levels, Specific Units are in the tabs on the left pane of the window
    1. 9th,
    2. 10th,
    3. 11th,  and
    4. 12th..
  5. Rangely Enhanced HS RWC Sample and Instructional Curriculum Units - You'll see specific grade levels in the tabs on the left pane in the window.
  6. San Luis Valley BOCES “prioritized” Key Skills for Sample Instructional Units - They are prioritized to help teachers know how much time they should devote to a particular objective.

View Online Tutorial at: http://www.screencast.com/t/wPTPu7DZG

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