Lesson Plans

Title Grade Level(s) Content Area(s) Author Status

Heroes and Villians in the American Revolution

Students will be able to understand and explain the issues that led to the Constitutional Congress and the American Revolution.
6 Social Studies Lonni Briles Published

Noun Hunt

Students will be able to state the definition of a noun as a person, place, or thing. Students will be able to categorize each noun within its...
1 Reading, Writing, and Communicating Jamie Odum Published

Sign of the Beaver Unit of Study 4th-5th Grade Level

Students will learn fluency and comprehension skills to improve reading and oral communication ability.
4, 5 Reading, Writing, and Communicating Erin Hall Published

Paper Pool: Analyzing Numeric and Geometric Patterns - 4 Lessons

Students will: gather and organize data search for patterns recognize rectangles with sides in the same ratio (similar...
6, 7, 8 Math eNet Learning Published