George Washington-Our First American President

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Social Studies › First Grade › Notable people, places, holidays and patriotic symbols
Lesson Plan Details
Second of two class periods
Essential Question: 

What do you know about George Washington?

Learning Objectives/Student Outcomes: 

Students will learn facts and events in the life of George Washington. Students will be able to distinguish between a fact and an opinion. Students will gather and share information.

Key Topics: 

Use resources provided yesterday to recall and clarify information about George Washington: who he was, when he lived, and what he did.




Graphic organizers, writing paper, and booklets on George Washington


Prior to instruction, the teacher needs to organize students' work and exit slips.



Learning Experiences and Activities: 

In this lesson, the teacher will lead a discussion about information gathered yesterday, clarify misconceptions, and answer questions to further understanding.

Students will be presented with booklets and graphic organizers. They will work with a partner to share and discuss facts about George Washington. Students will participate in a fact or opinion activity by holding up the fact or opinion card. Writng objectives will be discussed as students work in pairs to write a short informational paper on George Washington. Each team will read their paper to the group.

Closure- Students vote on their favorite writing/presentation  team and give positive feedback.   

ELL-Individual or small group instruction is available on an as needed basis. 

Expansion-Students can compare and contrast George Washington to other famous americans or presidents.

Students can eleborate on cities and states with the  name Washington. 

Students can explore money that bear Washington's likeness. 









Formative Assessment

Students will be assessed by class participation, facts presented, team writing assignments, and oral presentations.

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