Breaking Numbers Apart

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30 minutes
Learning Objectives/Student Outcomes: 

Students will learn how to break numbers apart.


Linking Cubes Chart Paper Markers


Prior to instruction, the teacher needs to gather the supplies needed.

Learning Experiences and Activities: 

In this lesson, the teacher will write the number 10 at the top of the chart paper. Next distribute the linking cubes. Direct the student to each count out ten cubes and to snap them together to make a train. After they have done this have them compare their trains with a student sitting next to them to be sure they were the same length. "Now I want you to break apart your train in one place, so that you have two trains," I told the class. I held up a train of ten cubes that I had made and showed the students a couple of different ways they could break it apart. "Hold one part in each hand," I told them. After giving the students a few seconds to work, I brought them to attention and then called on a student to describe their train. As the student describes their train I quickly draw a sketch of it on the chart paper and write a corresponding number sentence underneath. Continue with other students. I purposely alternate the 10 at the end of the equation after the equal sign and writing it to start the equation.


You could have the students draw ways to break a number apart on paper to make sure they understand breaking numbers apart. You can also change the number of total cubes that they have.

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