Lesson Plans

Title Grade Level(s) Content Area(s) Author Status

Is It a Submarine-No It Is Subitizing! Supports Count, Collect, Compare Sample Unit

• Students will be able to SUBITIZE a given set of objects- the ability to quickly identify a particular quantity of items without counting by...
K, 1 Math Loretta Remington Published

Breaking Numbers Apart

Students will learn how to break numbers apart.
K Math Jerri Norton Published

What's My Shape?

Students will learn to identify shapes and their names. Students will identify the shape of common objects.
K Math Jerri Norton Published

Native American Survival: Natural Resources

Groups or individual students will choose a region and specific Native American culture. They will research what available natural resources led to...
3 Social Studies Pam Levie Published

George Washington-Our First American President

Students will learn facts and events in the life of George Washington. Students will be able to distinguish between a fact and an opinion. Students...
1, 2 Reading, Writing, and Communicating, Social Studies Donna Galvan Published

Writing A Summary

Students will be able to paraphrase and summarize a variety of texts. Students will be able to delineate and evaluate an argument and specific...
7, 8 Reading, Writing, and Communicating Rebecca Zartman Published

Developing A Taste

Students will develop an understanding of poetry, it's ideas, history and components; and be able to enjoy poetry enough that they will read...
3, 4 Reading, Writing, and Communicating Lonni Briles Published

Tricky Teens and Beyond

Students will learn how to compose the numbers 11-19.
K Math Kara Wiley Published

Building Block Numbers

Students will learn how to use numbers to represent a set.
K Math Kara Wiley Published

Why Weather?

Students will: Understand that there are several factors in the atmosphere that affect weather. Know how air pressure and temperature affect weather...
5 Science Kevin Hagerman Published