You, Me, or We? - High School (Economics) Social Studies - Unit 3

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Inquiry Questions (Engaging- Debatable):

  • Why do countries view global issues from different perspectives? (SS09-GR.HS-S.4-GLE.3-IQ.1)
  • Why do countries and cultures struggle to maintain a national identity? (SS09-GR.HS-S.2-GLE.2-IQ.3)
  • What might happen if we thought locally and acted globally? (SS09-GR.HS-S.2-GLE.2-IQ.4)
  • Why are cultural relationships important? (SS09-GR.HS-S.2-GLE.2-EO.e)
  • What role will globalization play in your life? (SS09-GR.HS-S.3-GLE.1-IQ.2)

Concepts: Decision-making, local economy, state economy, national economy, local issues, economic systems, civic life, domestic and world events, democracy, values, global issues, freedom, security, common good, rights and responsibilities, natural rights, civic activities, ethics, community service, policy, governmental actions, environment, place, perceptions, migration, goods, ideas, cultural diffusion, globalization, fascism, globalization, national identity, capitalism, socialism, communism