You Be the Judge - Grade 6 RWC - Unit 2

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Content Area(s):
Grade Level(s):

Inquiry Questions (Engaging- Debatable):

  • What does it mean for something to be relevant? (RWC10-GR.6-S.3-GLE.2-IQ.1)
  • How do people arrive at decisions/make judgments (RWC10-GR.6-S.3-GLE.2-IQ.3-6)


  • In content:
    • Identity, choice, perspective, differences, similarities, evidence, judgment, evaluation, argument, discrimination, classification, interpretation , decisions
  • In reading:
    • Background Knowledge, purpose, inference, critical analysis, compare/contrast, comprehension, distinguish, justify, elaboration, imagery, central idea, summary, claims, opinion, interpret, question
  • In writing:
    • Text structure, text feature, point of view, style, persuasion, inform, explain, describe, conventions