Remarkable Relationships - Integrated - Grade 2 (Comp Health/PE) - Instructional Unit

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New Integrated Instructional Unit - September 2016 - This integrated unit references Be a "Buddy" not a "Bully", Comprehensive Health instructional unit, and Identify Your Feelings, Physical Education curriculum overview sample. It includes learning experiences, teacher and student resources, assessment ideas, and differentiation options while maintaining the integrity of both disciplines. The storyboard document provides a roadmap with teaching activities and a possible performance assessment for the unit.

Inquiry Questions (Engaging - Debatable):

  • From your perspective, what is the difference between teasing and bullying? (CH09-GR.2-S.4-GLE.3-EO.c)
  • How does the saying, “walk a mile” in the other person’s shoes” apply to teasing and bullying? (CH09-GR.2-S.4-GLE.3-EO.a,b;IQ.1)
  • How does a positive comment to others boost a team atmosphere? (PE09-GR.2-S.3-GLE.1-EO.a,c; IQ. 1,4; RA.1 ; N.1,2)
  • How can you encourage someone who is shy to participate in a physical activity? (PE09-GR.2-S.3-GLE.1-EO.a,c; IQ. 1,4; RA.1 ; N.1,2)

All of the unit files are available below.


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Relationships are very interesting these review and we need to work on them so that we can do something about them. It will help all of us in many things.