Blast From the Past: Can we learn from the past? - Grade 3 Social Studies - Unit 1

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Content Area(s):
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Inquiry Questions (Engaging- Debatable):

  • Why is it important to know about the past? (SS09-GR.3-S.1-GLE.2-EO.a, b)
  • Why is trade important to growing and maintaining a community? (SS09-GR.3-S.1-GLE.1-IQ.2)
  • How do people choose where to live? (SS09-GR.3-S.2-RA.1, 2) and (SS09-GR.3-S.1-GLE.2-EO.c)
  • Why do we have rules? Who makes and enforces these rules? (SS09-GR.3-S.4-GLE.2-IQ.4)

Concepts: Past and present; Community; Region; Change; Migration; Historical sources (artifacts, pictures and documents); geographic tools; Questions; Forms of exchange; Government; rules