Becoming the Multi-Tasker: Putting creation (improvisation/composition) and expression together - High School Music - Unit 3 (Performance)

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Inquiry Questions (Engaging- Debatable):

  • How can music influence emotion? (MU09-HSGP-S.1-GLE.1,2) and (MU09-HSGP-S.3-GLE.1) and (MU09-HSGP-S.4-GLE.3,4)
  • Why is it important to understand and interpret the expressive elements to music?
  • How can certain musical symbols convey emotions to the performer?
  • How can a performer stay true to the composers intentions?

Concepts: Technique, Force, Expressions, Emotions, Style, Energy, Force, Notation, Symbols, Translation, Tempo, Dynamics, Interpretation