Be a Third Eye: Analyzing the Production Process - Grade 8 Drama - Unit 4

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Inquiry Questions (Engaging- Debatable):

  • How does artist collaboration enhance a cohesive production concept? 
  • How do performers and designers use personal experiences to enhance or elaborate a scripted play?
  • How do students develop a critical eye that develops both self-analysis and critical response to classmates?

Concepts: Expressions, Investigate/Discovery, Order/Form, Personal Choices, Collaboration, Diverse, Contribution, Textual Clues, Production Process, Product, Constructive Feedback, Refinement

(DTA09-GR.8-S.1-GLE.1,2,3) and (DTA09-GR.8-S2-GLE.1,2) and (DTA09-GR.8- S.3-GLE.2,3)