Be a "Buddy" not a "Bully" - Grade 2 Health - Instructional Unit 4

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Enhanced and Updated - March 31, 2014 - This updated instructional unit includes learning experiences, teacher and student resources, assessment ideas, and differentiation options. The storyboard document provides a roadmap of teaching activities and a possible performance assessment for the unit.

This instructional unit sample is referenced in the following integrated units: Communication At Its Best! (Comprehensive Health/Read, Write, Communicate) and Remarkable Relationships (Comprehensive Health/Physical Education).


Inquiry Questions (Engaging- Debatable):

  • From your perspective, what is the difference between teasing and bullying? (CH09-GR.2-S.4-GLE.3-EO.c)
  • How does the saying, “walk a mile in the other person’s shoes” apply to teasing and bullying? (CH09-GR.2-S.4-GLE.3-EO.a,b;IQ.1)
  • If it’s just making fun then how can it be harmful? (CH09-GR.2-S.4-GLE.3-EO.a)

Concepts: Healthy, Relationships, Point of View (Perspective), Responsibility, Acceptance, Communication, Well-being, Respect, Safety, Understanding, Empathy, Behaviors