Ballet Composition - High School (Fundamental Pathway) - Beginning Ballet Unit

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Inquiry Questions (Engaging- Debatable):

  • How does one interpret music as a dancer? 
  • How does one decide what movements to keep and what to cut in a dance work?
  • How could a traditional dance be adapted into a contemporary context?
  • How is dance a “universal language?”

Concepts: Composition, Style, Expressions, Investigate/Discovery, Shape, Movement, Adaptation, Tradition, Improvisation, Collaboration, Genre, Phrase, Choreography

(DA09-GR.HSFP-S.1-GLE.3-IQ.2) and (DA09-GR.HSFP-S.2-GLE.2-IQ.3) and (DA09-GR.HSFP-S.3-GLE.1-IQ.3) and (DA09-GR.HSFP-S.4-GLE.2-IQ.4)