Arranging Your Folder - High School Music - Unit 1 (Ensemble)

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Inquiry Questions (Engaging- Debatable):

  • Why is it important to understand instrumentation and voicing when arranging music? (MU09-HSPP-S.1-GLE.1-EO.c) and (MU09-HSPP-S.2-GLE.2,3); (MU09-HSPP-S.3-GLE.1,2,3); (MU09-HSPP-S.4-GLE.2,3,4)
  • How is understanding both traditional and nontraditional notation important when functioning within an ensemble?
  • How can an individual create their own way of notating sound for others to use?

Concepts: Composition, Patterns, Investigate/Discovery, Observation, Shape, Symbol, Law/Rules, Texture, Notation, Expression