Are you really what you eat? - Grade 3 Health - Unit 1

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Inquiry Questions (Engaging- Debatable):

  • How can you balance a friendship if you disagree about food choices? (CH09-GR.3-S.2-GLE.1-EO.e;IQ.4)
  • How can the things you see on television or in magazines influence your feelings and choices about food? (CH09-GR.3-S.2-GLE 1- EO.e;IQ.5;N.1)
  • What would happen if we only ate our favorite foods? (CH09-GR.3-S.2-GLE 1-EO.d;N.2)
  • What does the saying you are what you eat mean? Is it true? (CH09-GR.3-S.2-GLE 1-EO.c;N.2)

Concepts: Communication, Decision-making, Health, Influences, Nutrition, Moderation, Refusal Skills, Components, Balance