African Exploration - Grade 7 Dance - Unit 2

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Inquiry Questions (Engaging- Debatable):

  • How is memorized choreography different from improvisation? 
  • What makes an ensemble effective?
  • To what extent do costumes determine how dancers move? How is this related to what they are trying to convey as a culture? Is African dance derived from tap dancing or is tap dancing derived from African dance? Why ?

Concepts: Culture, Tradition, Expressions, Movement, Space/Time/Energy, Symbolism, Dance environment/Space

(DA09-GR.7-S.1-GLE.2-IQ.3) and (DA09-GR.7-S.2-GLE.3-IQ.3) and (DA09-GR.7-S.3-GLE.1-IQ.1,GLE.2)