Advanced Strategies, Application - High School (PE 2) - Unit 2

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Inquiry Questions (Engaging- Debatable):

  • Why is it important for an individual to practice and learn sports skills? (PE09-GR.HS-S.1-GLE.1-EO.c; IQ.4; RA.2; N.1,2)
  • How do you choose to lead or follow in group settings? (PE09-GR.HS-S.3-GLE.2-EO.c,f; IQ.2; RA.1; N.1,2,4)
  • Why is risk a positive aspect of physical activity? (PE09-GR.HS-S.4-GLE.1-EO.a,b; IQ.4; RA.3,4; N.2)
  • Why are both skill-related fitness and health-related fitness taught? Why is each one important? (PE09-GR.HS-S.1-GLE.1-EO.a,b,d; IQ.1; RA.2; N.1,2)

Concepts: Sequencing, Leadership, Integration, Rules, Integrity, Social Responsibility, Awareness