Acting Well Your Part: Scripted Scene Work - Grade 6 Drama - Unit 1

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Inquiry Questions (Engaging- Debatable):

  • How does creating characters through rehearsal and performance enhance real-world relationships? (DTA09-GR.6-S.1-GLE.1) and (DTA09-GR.6-S2- GLE1) and (DTA09-GR.6-S.3-GLE.1,2,3)
  • How does creating characters enhance understandings about tension and conflict in societal relationships?
  • How does the ensemble connect with the development of the performance of each character?
  • How do the given elements, such as: set, character, and plot of the play affect the performance of scripted material?

Concepts: Culture, Value, Expression, Influence, Observation, Conflict, Scripted Material, Perspective, Character, Scene, Hierarchical Character Relationships, Complexity, Emergence, Revelation