Abstraction as Interpretation - High School Visual Arts - Instructional Unit 2

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Enhanced and Updated - March 31, 2014 - This updated instructional unit includes learning experiences, teacher and student resources, assessment ideas, and differentiation options. The storyboard document provides a roadmap of teaching activities and a possible performance assessment for the unit.

Inquiry Questions (Engaging- Debatable):

  • What does transformation have to do with Abstract Art? (VA09-Gr.HS-S.1-GLE.1,2,3) and (VA09-Gr.HS- S.2-GLE.3) and (VA09-Gr.HS-S.4-GLE.1-EO.a,b)
  • How does abstraction affect how a viewer might react to a work of work?
  • Would something (idea, place, or portrait) be better interpreted abstractly rather than realistically? Why?
  • Why has Abstract Art developed through time and culture?

Concepts: Proportion, Laws and Rules, Composition, Order and Space, Value, Style, Organic, Transformation, Intention