ABC: Easy as Do, Re, Mi - Grade 8 Music - Unit 1 (General Music)

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Inquiry Questions (Engaging- Debatable):

  • How do patterns in music relate to similar patterns found in other disciplines (such as language or visual arts)? (MU09-GR.8-S.1-GLE.3) and (MU09- GR.8-S.2-GLE.1) and (MU09-GR.8-S.3-GLE.1,2,3) and (MU09-GR.8-S.4-GLE.1)
  • How do musical elements form the structure of a music composition? How can learning musical notation increase skills in all academic areas? Buddy

Concepts: Composition, Patterns, Rhythm, Expressions, Symbol, Notation, Structure, Form, Influence, Melody