The differences between concrete pump and pump truck

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Do you know the relationships between concrete pump and concrete pump truck? Today, I would like to talk about them.
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Concrete Pump:
Concrete pump, a special machinery for conveying concrete [url=]batching plant equipment[/url], has a particular pipeline [url=]concrete block making machine[/url] supplier, which can convey concrete to pouring site through pipeline. The parameter of main oil pump decides the pumping speed and conveying height of concrete. The length of placing boom decides the horizontal transport distance. The concrete pump is fit for pouring of stationary concrete site. It also can ensure the evenness and compactness of concrete. Generally, the horizontal transport distance can reach 205~300mm, and the vertical transport distance can reach above 100mm.
Concrete Pump Truck:
The concrete pump truck is the combination of concrete pump and placing boom which are installed in motor-vehicle chassis. The parameter of main oil pump and the length of placing boom decide the pumping speed [url=]cheap cement mixers for sale[/url], transport height and horizontal distance.
The concrete pump truck is fit for transporting mixture of horizontal and vertical direction because of the flexible of concrete pump truck and free motion of placing boom. The concrete pump truck can step over barrier to pour which is widely used in bridge construction.
The above are the relationships between concrete pump and concrete pump truck. If you want to know more about them, please contact us.
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