A Bad Case of Stripes: A Read4Health Lesson Plan

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Grade Level Expectations:  
Comprehensive Health and Physical Education › Fifth Grade › Demonstrate the ability to engage in healthy eating behaviors
Reading, Writing, and Communicating › Fifth Grade › Literary texts are understood and interpreted using a range of strategies
Reading, Writing, and Communicating › Fifth Grade › Identifying and evaluating concepts and ideas have implications and consequences
Lesson Plan Details
50 Minutes
Essential Question: 

How do eating habits change based on your social situation?

Learning Objectives/Student Outcomes: 

Students will understand:

  • Positive decision making when choosing food alternatives helps a person maintain a balanced diet and healthy weight

Students will Know:

  • Eating healthy involves good decision-making
  • Factors that influence decisions to make healthy food choices

Students will be able to:

  • Use a decision making model to make healthy eating decisions
  • Request healthy foods in social situations.


Key Topics: 


Healthy Eating



Prior to instruction, the teacher needs to...

Attain approrpraite books A Bad Case of Stripes by David Shannon 

Print the Myplate

Learning Experiences and Activities: 

In this lesson, the teacher will...

Anticipatory Set:

Ask why people choose not to try a new food or what makes a food "yucky"?

  • Color
  • Texture
  • Smell
  • Unknown
  • Peers
  • Taste, preparation

What are factors influence foods that we eat? 

After a list is generated, focus on food choices and peer pressure. Ask if anyone has been made fun of due to their eating choices. Explain that we will be reading a book about a girl who really does love a certain food, but is embarrassed by it.  

Read A Bad Case of Stripes to the class.

  • Ask students to think about why Camilla has stripes and how those stripes change as the social situations changes.
  • Why does she hide the fact that she really does love lima beans? 

After reading:

  • Should Camilla have hidden her love of Lima beans?
  • Do you have something that you love that most kids would say "yuck" to?

Re-read pages 6-9. Ask the students, "Why did Camilla's stripes change?" The students should be able to come up with:

  • Whatever the kids say, her stripes change to: - Discuss that sometimes we let what others say influence our thinking (and Camilla's stripes). She has no sense of who she is. She is influenced soley by everyone else. Not until the end, when she admits to loving lima beans, does she realize who she is.  

Continue class discussion:

We came up with lots of reasons why we don't "like" foods. What did we learn from Camilla? How do you communicate your preferences for healthy food? or your food choice? 

Turn and talk to your neighbor about a food you really like that is considered healthy?

Have the students create a healthy meal using the Myplate website. Include some foods that you like, that are healthy, but may not be liked by everyone.

Conclude the lesson with strategies for students to advocate for their personal healthy eating habits. 

Have students pair up and advocate for the healthy foods on thier plate. Be sure that they give reasons for their healthy choices and communicate them a postive way.



Observation of advocacy messages.

Create a personal menu.

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