Becoming Researchers - Grade 3 RWC - Unit 4 Enhanced

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The Rangely School District has "enhanced" the sample instructional units by citing text referenced by the coding in the Critical Content and Key Skills sections
Inquiry Questions (Engagingā€Debatable):
  • What are the characteristics of a researcher?  (RWC10-GR.3-S.4-GLE.1.2)
  • Why research?  (RWC10-GR.3-S.4-GLE.1) and (RWC10-GR.3-S.4-GLE.2-EO.f)
  • Should researchers share their finding with others?  Why or why not?  (RWC10-GR.3-S.4-GLE.1)

Concepts: Research/researcher, evaluation, critical thinking, reasoning, points of view, infer/inference, analysis, sharing, collaboration, inform, topic,  interpretation, collaborative discussion, sources, inferences, accuracy, fairness, relevance, phonics, Fluency, Phonological Awareness, Vocabulary, Comprehension