Back to the Future: Changes in Our Communities - Grade 2 Social Studies - Unit 2 Enhanced

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The Rangely School District has "enhanced" the sample instructional units by citing text referenced by the coding in the Critical Content and Key Skills sections
Inquiry Questions (Engaging‐Debatable):
  • Why does the past matter? (SS09‐GR.2‐S.1‐GLE.2‐IQ.1, 2; RA.1)
  • Should a community change? (SS09‐GR.2‐S.1‐GLE.2‐ EO. b; IQ.2; N.1)
  • Are traditions important? (SS09‐GR.2‐S.1‐GLE.1‐EO.e) and (SS09‐GR.2‐S.1‐GLE.2‐EO.c, e)

Concepts: Community, neighborhoods, differences, respect, change, nation, timeline, artifacts, compare, contrast, traditions, culture, sources, oral history, chronology, migrate, boundaries, goods, services, physical features