Are you odd or even? - Grade 2 Math - Unit 2 Enhanced

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The Rangely School District has "enhanced" the sample instructional units by citing text referenced by the coding in the Critical Content and Key Skills sections
Inquiry Questions (Engaging‐Debatable):
  • What is the best way (s) to add and subtract numbers? (MA10‐GR.2‐S.1‐GLE.2‐N.1)
  • What makes a strategy efficient?

Concepts: Applications, financial decision‐making, addition, sum (addends), subtraction, partitioning, odd/even, equal, word problems (adding to, taking from, putting together, taking apart, comparing), unknown, picture and bar graphs, data, fluency, properties of operations, number line diagram, whole numbers, lengths, line segments/points, differences/take‐away, rectangular arrays, rows and columns, skip counting, partition, remainder, halves, equation