3-D Required - Grade 7 Math - Unit 4 Enhanced

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Content Area(s):
Grade Level(s):
The Rangely School District has "enhanced" the sample instructional units by citing text referenced by the coding in the Critical Content and Key Skills sections
Inquiry Questions (Engaging-Debatable):
  • Why is pi an important number? (MA10-GR.7-S.4-GLE.2-IQ.8)
  • How many two-dimensional shapes can you make by slicing a three-dimensional object?

Concepts: Circumference, area, circle, diameter, pi, ratio, radius, slice, three-dimensional figures, two-dimensional figures, two-dimensional figures, scale factor, magnification, zoom level, scale drawings, characteristics, drawing, tools (rulers, protractors, compasses), complementary, supplementary, adjacent, vertical, angles, indirect measurement, additive property, area, volume, decomposition, composition