Performance Assessments Developed by Colorado Educators

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The Colorado Content Collaboratives have created performance assessments in all content areas using a Performance Assessment Process now available to all educators. Performance assessments were developed in two groups. Group One performance assessments were developed to measure specific Colorado Academic Standards that lacked current and sufficient assessment representation. The standards to which these assessments are aligned are often thought of as “hard to measure” and require more performance-based components in order to determine student mastery.

Group Two performance assessments are specifically aligned to one of the CDE District Sample Curriculum Units. Each performance assessment defines a task or a set of tasks and includes a rubric for determining the quality of the students’ performance.

Group One Performance Assessments

Comprehensive Health (Gr. 8): Violence in the Media
Comprehensive Health (HS): Goal Setting

Drama & Theatre Arts (Gr. 8): Performance/Critical Response (Shakespeare)
Drama & Theatre Arts (HS): Performance/Critical Response (Scripted Material)
Drama & Theatre Arts (HS): Technical Theatre

Music (Gr. 3): Critique Planner (Critic’s Corner)
Music (Gr. 4): Catch Phrase Improvisation
Music (Gr. 5): Critique Planner (Critic’s Corner)
Music (Gr. 6): Call and Response Improvisation
Music (HS): Solo Improvisation

PE (Gr. 4): Movement Sequence Plan
PE (HS): Be the Coach

RWC (Gr. 2): Animal Research
RWC (Gr. 6): Research-Based Argumentation Essay
RWC (Gr. 9): Researched Argumentative Speech/Presentation

Social Studies (Gr. 2): Economics (Scarcity Pyramid Diorama)
Social Studies (Gr. 2): Geography & Economics (Community Brochure)
Social Studies (Gr. 7): Economics (Trade Networks)
Social Studies (HS): Civil Disobedience

Visual Arts (Gr. 7): Ways of Seeing

World Languages (Novice-Low): Who am I in a Global World?

CTE (HS): Ethics Situation Investigation
CTE (HS): Auto Insurance Coverage
CTE (HS): Medical Records Analysis

Group Two Performance Assessments

Comprehensive Health (Gr. 2): Be a Buddy, Not a Bully
Comprehensive Health (Gr. 6): Media Messages and Your Health
Comprehensive Health (HS): Happy is the New Healthy

Dance (Gr. 2): The Way West (The Oregon Trail: Theme & Variation Folk Dance)
Dance (Gr. 8): Abstracting Your Inspiration

Drama & Theatre Arts (Gr. 5): Point of View
Drama & Theatre Arts (Gr. 7): Improvisation and Scene Creation
Drama & Theatre Arts (Gr. 8): Using Improvisation to Devise a Script
Drama & Theatre Arts (HS): Scripted Works

Mathematics (Gr. K): Put It Together and Take It Apart
Mathematics (Gr. 6): Go Figure
Mathematics (HS): Power to the Variable

Music (Gr. K): Show Me the Way To . . .
Music (Gr. 2): Stories Through Music
Music (Gr. 4): Music Tell Our Story
Music (Gr. 7): It’s About Time
Music (HS): The Music in You

RWC (Gr. 2): Our World
RWC (Gr. 6): Take a Stand
RWC (Gr. 9): Uncovering Context

Science (Gr. 5): Renewable & Non-renewable Resources
Science (HS): Earth’s Changing Surface

Social Studies (Gr. 1): Change Happens
Social Studies (Gr. 2): Who Has What
Social Studies (Gr. 4): Boom or Bust
Social Studies (Gr. 4): Choices & Consequences
Social Studies (Gr. 5): The Melting Pot
Social Studies (Gr. 6): What Did They Leave Behind
Social Studies (Gr. 7): Ch . . Ch . . Ch . . Ch . . Change
Social Studies (HS): How We Relate
Social Studies (HS): Securing the Blessings of Liberty

Visual Arts (Gr. 2): Reflecting on Community Experiences
Visual Arts (Gr. 6): Pop Culture and Art