This group supports the distribution and sharing of the K-12 Math curriculum content developed by teachers in the East Central BOCES. The ECBOCES Math Curriculum was created using grant funds. These units are being shared as a result of that initiative.

Access the units directly using the following link:


See and overview of the process used to develop the ECBOCES math units below.


Access to these resources supported by the Colorado BOCES and eNetLearning

Recent Group Activity

Introduction to the Units of Instruction for Mathematics

The following process was used to develop the units of instruction:

1. A mathematical topic was selected for grade level instruction
2. Colorado State (Common Core) grade level standards were matched to the topic
3. The matching state standards were unwrapped to determine concepts and skills within the standards and the level of reasoning expected within the standards
4. Big Ideas and Essential Questions were developed from the unwrapped standards Read more »

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