What is Netflix?

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Netflix has tens of millions of subscribers, but there are other tens of millions too who doesn’t know about it. You are also one of them which is why you are reading this blog to know what this Netflix is and why so much fuzz about it. There is no shame in asking questions about it because the internet is for your help and you can ask any question from it even like buy essay help online. In this blog, I am going to walk you through about every detail of Netflix that you should know so you can also hang out with your tech-savvy friends and don’t feel left out.


You can never learn anything before learning its history. When the traditional DVDs were ruling the markets of entertainment, Netflix emerged as its sole competitor. Netflix proposed an alternative way of watching and sharing movies and serials which released the audience from the time-bound rents of DVD which also charged you extra if you get late to return it. With the Netflix, you can send your shows back or can trade it for other shows.

Today Netflix is so big that it has his own produced programs like House of Cards that has made it the number one streaming app and online catalog around the world.

How to Subscribe for It?

Although Netflix offers a one-month free subscription to its every new subscriber, there are some methods too if you want to get the extension. Just like creating an account on any portal, Netflix asks your name, email id and credit card details for the payments. Then Netflix will generate a password through which you can access your shows based on your packages. Keep your password with you because some of the Netflix plans limit you to see one or two screens at a time. If you exceed this limit and start streaming multiple screens from your account, the Netflix will lock your account.

WARNING! Once you made your account, it will be hard to unsubscribe it because of all the entertaining stuff at this website which will make you addictive to it.

How much does it cost?

Netflix is not as costly as people thinks. There are three packages in Netflix Basic, Standard and Premium. The basic package cost only $8 per month in which you can use one screen at a time and can watch all the shows in standard definition. The Standard package costs $10 per month in which you can watch all the videos in HD and can use two screens at a time. The third and final one is Premium Package which costs $12 per month. This package includes HD streaming and can play four screens at a time.

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Netflix can likewise do this since web dissemination empowers it to assemble broad information about its supporters' conduct, which it at that point uses to Online Essay Help develop its library and furnish clients with likely wanted substance.