Can Whole Sole Reliance On Technology Lead You To Become Efficient?

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As human beings, we tend to be procrastinators. We have to work towards becoming efficient. It may have been easier when we weren’t so digitally wired, but now with smart phones and Facebook is scrolling, it is becoming even harder to manage time.

But in this piece, we are here to tell how you can become efficient by utilizing technology.

Synching of the clocks

There are two types of time in this world. One is governed by subjectively while the other is governed objectively. Subjective time is your internal clock and it is how you are wired. Through subjective time, you see the world beyond the rational time window.

Objective time is what you follow by looking at calendars and wall clocks. Your family and your spouse and everyone you know will judge you by the objective time. In order to beat procrastination, it is essential that you view the world in a different perspective.

You must realize that to be able to inculcate a habit such as valuing time, you ought to have to be tuned from within outside the bounds of objective time and instead resorting to subjective timing.

Keep a close check

It is famously said that if you practice, it will make you perfect. Therefore, it is essential that you should be able to measure time. Keep track of your time that how you are spending it. Is it that you sit all day long and daydream or is it that you expend energy in working towards something productive such as setting up an online business?

We all get 24 hours. The same 24 hours, which the likes of Jobs, Gates, and Zuckerberg of our time had. It all depends on how we choose to spend them. Naturally, something which is a surefire path to success cannot be easy. That is procrastinating is easy and making use of time difficult. Now, don’t tell you haven’t heard by means of measuring time with the wealth of gadgets at your disposal.

Start breaking down your time

There are a dozen of apps that can enable you to task your time. It is similar to keeping track of your time in check, but this strategy is to keep aside some time for task ‘x’ while other for performing task ‘y’.

To sum up, the idea is to initiate the effort from within and then rely on the gadgets and apps for maximum effect!

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