At the Documents page, you will find Assessment Inventories (a list of the assessments gathered and reviewed by content area); Gap Reports (summaries of which Colorado Academic Standards do not have reviewed assessments; Help Documents; and Tutorials (tools to help you use the CDE Resource Bank.)

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Performance Assessments Developed by Colorado Educators

The Colorado Content Collaboratives have created performance assessments in all content areas using a Performance Assessment Process now available to all educators. Performance assessments were developed in two groups. Group One performance assessments were developed to measure specific Colorado Academic Standards that lacked current and sufficient assessment representation. Read more »

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Position Statement on World Languages Standards-Based Teaching, Learning and Assessment

This position statement provides guidance on what are appropriate assessments for World Languages.

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Performance Assessment Development Process

The Performance Assessment Development Process is best utilized when intending to create an assessment for culminating assessment purposes such as a unit, end of course, end of semester, or end of year summative assessment. Read more »

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Assessment Review Tool

The Assessment Review Tool is designed to help Colorado educators rate an assessment’s potential for measuring student academic growth aligned to the Colorado Academic Standards. This tool helps measure the extent to which an assessment does the following:

  • Aligns to the Colorado Academic Standards
  • Includes rigorous scoring criteria
  • Is fair and unbiased
  • Provides opportunities for learning

How to Use the Assessment Review Tool Read more »

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Assessment Inventories (Colorado Academic Standards and Career & Technical Education)

Colorado Collaboratives (CCC) members and national researchers selected and reviewed a wide variety of assessments. To check on what assessments were reviewed and their level of recommendation, click on the appropriate content area inventory file. (Click on this post to see the attachments.)  Also in the inventory files, assessments that were not recommended and assessments that the content collaborative teams did not have time to review are listed.

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Assessment Gaps (Colorado Academic Standards and Career & Technical Education)

The Colorado Content Collaboratives found many assessments aligned to Colorado Academic and Career and Technical Education standards. Unfortunately, gaps exist where some standards and evidence outcomes (for Colorado Academic Standards) do not have identified assessments that can be used to gauge student knowledge and potentially, student growth.

Click on this post to go to the Gap Reports by content area or career cluster.

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Colorado Academic Standards Reference System (Coding)

Colorado Academic Standards use a reference system to identify each piece of a standard, including individual inquiry questions and relevance and application statements. To learn more, go to the following document:

Reference System Explanation

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Depth of Knowledge

An important piece of assessment is understanding depth of knowledge. Depth of Knowledge (DOK)  is the complexity or depth of understanding required to answer or explain a assessment related item.  Read more »

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Assessment Terms (Glossary)

Many statistical and educational terms are used in the assessment area. To aid your understanding of these terms, download the attached Assessment Term Glossary.