Who am I in a Global World

Content Area(s):  
Grade Level(s):  
Grade Level Expectations:  
World Languages › Novice-Low › Communicate about very familiar topics (written or oral) using isolated words and high-frequency phrases (interpersonal mode)
World Languages › Novice-Low › Comprehend isolated learned words and high-frequency phrases (written or oral) on very familiar topics (interpretive mode)
World Languages › Novice-Low › Present on very familiar topics (written or oral) using isolated words and high-frequency phrases (presentational mode
World Languages › Novice-Low › Identify common practices within the target cultures studied
World Languages › Novice-Low › Identify common products of the target cultures studied
World Languages › Novice-Low › Identify and recognize the nature of culture through comparisons of the target culture(s) and the student’s own culture
Content Knowledge, Concepts, and Skills/Perfomances Assessed: 

Content Knowledge and Concepts:

Culture; Formal vs. informal/Social Register; Appropriateness of greetings and leave takings in target language; Gestures; Context; Greetings and leave takings; Personal descriptors; Expressions of well-being; Names of countries; Nationalities; Numbers; Question words; Structure; Adjectives; Present tense verbs; Connections to; Geography

Skills and Performances:

Meet and greet others by using appropriate vocabulary and gestures
Describe self to others
Obtain and provide information about self and others
Identify where the target culture is located and where the target language is spoken

Key Words: content collaborative assessment, performance assessment, global, world

Assessment Publisher: 
Colorado Content Collaborative in World Languages
Level of Recommendation: 
Item Type: 
Depth of Knowledge: 
Level 1: Recall
Level 2: Skills and Concepts
Assessment Profile: This assessment includes: 
Teacher directions
Scoring Guide/Rubric
Student Directions & Assessment Task/Prompt
Accommodations that should be considered or permitted
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