Relationships: Looking for New Friends (Spanish)

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World Languages › Novice-Mid › Participate in basic conversations (written or oral) on a variety of familiar and predictable topics using isolated words and learned phrases (interpersonal mode)
World Languages › Novice-Mid › Comprehend short exchanges (written or oral) that use learned vocabulary and grammatical structures on familiar topics (interpretive mode)
World Languages › Novice-Mid › Present using learned and simple phrases or expressions (written or oral) on very familiar topics (presentational mode)
World Languages › Novice-Mid › Describe familiar products of the cultures studied
World Languages › Novice-Mid › Organize information acquired from authentic resources
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Vocabulary: relationships, friends, family, likes and dislikes.


Write, describe, inform, identify, communicate orally and written, express

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Foreign Language Educators of New Jersey
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Selected response
Short answer
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Level 1: Recall
Level 2: Skills and Concepts
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