Military Entrance Audition

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Music › High School Performance › Perform music accurately and expressively demonstrating self-evaluation and personal interpretation at the minimal level of 3 on the difficulty rating scale
Music › High School Performance › Perform accurately and expressively at the first reading at the minimal level of 2 on the difficulty rating scale
Music › High School Performance › Participate appropriately as an ensemble member while performing music at the minimal level of 3 on the difficulty rating scale
Music › High School Performance › Demonstrate requisite performance skill sets appropriate for postsecondary pursuits
Music › High School Performance › Improvise a stylistically appropriate vocal or instrumental solo over a given pattern of harmonic progressions
Content Knowledge, Concepts, and Skills/Perfomances Assessed: 

Content Knowledge/Concepts

Completely performance-based; has underlying implicit content knowledge.   Students are required to perform scales, a solo piece, and orchestral excerpts at the highest level of mastery.

Skills and Performance

All scales and arpeggios from memory at minimum speed and with appropriate articulations; Diatonic and chromatic scales; Solos from orchestral and solo literature including etudes as specified for each instrument; tone and pitch production, articulation and breath control, technique, and sight reading; and memorization.  

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Air Force Academy
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Depth of Knowledge: 
Level 2: Skills and Concepts
Level 3: Strategic Thinking
Level 4: Extended Thinking
Assessment Profile: This assessment includes: 
Teacher directions
Scoring Guide/Rubric
Materials (if needed to complete the assessment)
Student Directions & Assessment Task/Prompt
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A Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS) is the place candidates for military service go to finish the selection Do My Assignment process. There are 65 MEPS in the United States and Puerto Rico. Candidates who must travel a distance will get free cabin at an adjacent hotel.

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If a student of the twelfth level's learning such advanced stuff, then you've taught well. The essayyard mentioned how incredibly difficult it was to teach music, but you've done well. Well done lads, for accomplishing this.