Connecticut Arts Assessment: 5th Grade Composing and Self Evaluation

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Music › Fifth Grade › Perform melodies using traditional notation
Music › Fifth Grade › Notate simple compositions
Music › Fifth Grade › Improvise question and answer and basic musical phrases
Content Knowledge, Concepts, and Skills/Perfomances Assessed: 

Content Knowledge/Concepts:

Creation of Music: Improvise completion of a given rhythmic or melodic phrase, giving attention to similarities of question and answer in length of phrase, meter, mood, etc.; Create an eight-measure melody using the treble staff; Play and sing notated melodies (12 to 16 measures) with attention to pitch, rhythm, and expressive qualities.


Create question and answer phrases, perform them, and then self-evaluate

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Connecticut State Department of Education
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Level 4: Extended Thinking
Assessment Profile: This assessment includes: 
Teacher directions
Scoring Guide/Rubric
Student Directions & Assessment Task/Prompt
Accommodations that should be considered or permitted
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Students create, notate and perform a short musical composition Coursework Help that demonstrates their understanding of compositional structure (unity/variety) within specified musical guidelines (consistent tonality, at least four different pitches, demonstrates consistent meter, at least two rhythmic values, at least eight measures long). They then reflect on their composition, evaluating its effectiveness and demonstrating knowledge of music vocabulary, terminology and concepts

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