Assessment Presentational Writing: Let's Eat 1 (Unit 2A_1) (French)

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World Languages › Novice-High › Present (written or oral) on a variety of familiar topics using both high-frequency vocabulary, new vocabulary, and learned grammatical structures (presentational mode)
World Languages › Novice-High › Examine common practices and perspectives within the cultures studied
World Languages › Novice-High › Examine familiar products of the cultures studied
World Languages › Novice-High › Examine information gathered from target language resources connected to other content areas
World Languages › Novice-High › Describe the nature of culture through comparisons of the target culture(s) and the student’s own culture and how the two cultures interact
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Content Knowledge/Concepts:

Describing and comparing cultural issues surrounding food and diet



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Jefferson County School District
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Short answer
Extended response
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Level 2: Skills and Concepts
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