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Math › Sixth Grade › In the real number system, rational numbers have a unique location on the number line and in space
Math › Sixth Grade › Formulate, represent, and use algorithms with positive rational numbers with flexibility, accuracy, and efficiency
Math › Sixth Grade › Quantities can be expressed and compared using ratios and rates
Math › Sixth Grade › Visual displays and summary statistics of one-variable data condense the information in data sets into usable knowledge
Math › Sixth Grade › Algebraic expressions can be used to generalize properties of arithmetic
Math › Sixth Grade › Variables are used to represent unknown quantities within equations and inequalities
Math › Sixth Grade › Objects in space and their parts and attributes can be measured and analyzed
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Standards for mathematical practice very limited (some opportunities for MP 1, 2, and 4). Questions are skill based. Some have limited context which do not always add to the complexity or student access to the problems.


Ratios and rates, computation with decimals, absolute value and placement of rational numbers on a number line, order or operations, modeling situations with equations, finding algebraic equations for tables, interpreting data displays, areas of polygons, volumes of prisms with fractional lengths, polygons on the coordinate plane, surface area of prisms using nets.

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