About Us

eNetColorado is a project of the Centennial BOCES in partnership with the Colorado BOCES Association. eNetColorado’s mission is to provide educators and districts statewide access to high quality content and resources that support the improvement of student achievement.

eNetColorado has built a partnership of 75 participating school districts, 14 BOCES, and over 20 educational and community based organizations.  This partnership works together to identify and provide high quality free and inexpensive resources to districts and teachers by leveraging locally developed content and shared access strategies.

To support this partnership, eNetColorado provides the following supports.

  • Online web conferencing via Adobe Connect provides ways for educators to meet at any time for professional development and planning.
  • eNetColorado Online Learning provides a course management system where free and low-cost professional development is offered to Colorado educators. School districts can also use this system to upload their own online courses for professional development purposes or provide online learning for students.
  • Colorado on iTunes University provides rich media (i.e., videos, podcasts, and documents) that can be downloaded on multiple electronic devices. Both student and teacher support resources are available at Colorado on iTunes University.
  • DREAM (Digital Resource Exchange and Marketplace) is resource aggregator where digital learning tools and resources are found and mapped to Colorado standards and other keywords so they are searchable. Resources can also be assigned to individual students or to entire classrooms.

eNetColorado was started with a Colorado Department of Education (CDE) grant through the Title II-D program that provided initial funding to build “21st century tech rich classrooms” with an emphasis on developing professional development and delivery strategies that support educators as they implement the new state standards. Today eNetColorado also supports other statewide initiatives like Race to the Top and Educator Effectiveness.