Assessment Review Tool

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The Assessment Review Tool is designed to help Colorado educators rate an assessment’s potential for measuring student academic growth aligned to the Colorado Academic Standards. This tool helps measure the extent to which an assessment does the following:

  • Aligns to the Colorado Academic Standards
  • Includes rigorous scoring criteria
  • Is fair and unbiased
  • Provides opportunities for learning

How to Use the Assessment Review Tool

Use of the Assessment Review Tool is the first step in ensuring that measurements of student academic growth are fair, valid and reliable. Users will need to use Microsoft Excel or a compatible program to access and use the tool. To download the Assessment Review Tool directly from CDEclick here.

In preparing to use the Assessment Review Tool, check out the following resources.

The attached PowerPoint (in PDF format) also provides an overview of the Assessment Review Tool.

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The evaluations included in the Resource Bank CDE are examples of high-quality assessments, in line with the Colorado academic standards for all grades and content areas.SY0-301

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 I am sure the Assessment Review Tool is going to be a great help for the educators to validate their students assessment performance. As an educator I know how difficult it is to validate each students assessment manually as we have to go through all. So this is going to be a great relief for them 

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The Assessment Review Tool (ART) is more appropriate for districts or states (rather than individual teachers) who are interested in evaluating summative assessments for alignment to standards.  The time investment required to use the ART is substantial, and many of the review dimensions (i.e., the four tabs at the bottom of the tool) involve complex ideas and careful scrutiny. 200-101 Dumps Technologically speaking, the tool—essentially a large, unwieldy Excel spreadsheet—is underwhelming, but the notes and suggestions that pop up to help reviewers fill in various fields are helpful. Users of the tool should be aware of two supplementary resources.

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I never heard about assessment review tool, but after reading your posts I go a clear idea about this. You have explained all the details about it including its usage, working etc. It provides a great opportunity for learning. 

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The Assessment Review Tool (ART) is intended for use in analyzing summative K–12 classroom assessments to determine their quality and efficacy, write my paper 4 me discount

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The assessment review tool is one of the best things to help Colorado educators. The details regarding this review tool has been shared in this post and I hope it helps how to use this assessment tool. Thank you so much! 

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