Assessment Review Tool

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The Assessment Review Tool is designed to help Colorado educators rate an assessment’s potential for measuring student academic growth aligned to the Colorado Academic Standards. This tool helps measure the extent to which an assessment does the following:

  • Aligns to the Colorado Academic Standards
  • Includes rigorous scoring criteria
  • Is fair and unbiased
  • Provides opportunities for learning

How to Use the Assessment Review Tool

Use of the Assessment Review Tool is the first step in ensuring that measurements of student academic growth are fair, valid and reliable. Users will need to use Microsoft Excel or a compatible program to access and use the tool. To download the Assessment Review Tool directly from CDEclick here.

In preparing to use the Assessment Review Tool, check out the following resources.

The attached PowerPoint (in PDF format) also provides an overview of the Assessment Review Tool.

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The evaluations included in the Resource Bank CDE are examples of high-quality assessments, in line with the Colorado academic standards for all grades and content areas.SY0-301

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