The CDE Resource Bank contains assessments and assessment review and development tools to support Colorado educators in the evaluation of student learning. The assessments included in the CDE Resource Bank are examples of high-quality assessments aligned to the Colorado Academic Standards, for all grades and content areas. These assessments are intended serve as models for local assessment selection and development that more directly measure student learning as aligned to local curriculum.


If you need information on how to select and use assessments for Educator Effectiveness purposes, please click here.


If you need an assessment to fulfill the requirements for the READ Act, please click here to go to a list of approved assessments.

How Assessments were Reviewed

Through a collaborative process with Colorado educators and national researchers, assessments aligned to Colorado standards were identified. To effectively understand how assessments were reviewed, the following documents should be examined.

  1. Assessment Review Tool (updated 6/3/14). Also review the instructions on how to use the Assessment Review Tool.
  2. Assessment Inventories. (These inventories list the assessments provided to the Content Collaborative teams for review.) 
  3. Gap Reports. (These reports indicate areas that do not have identified assessments at this time.)

Getting Started

The tutorials below introduce the overall make-up of the Resource Bank with the emphasis on Assessment and how to effectively use the search function to find assessments by keyword, grade, content area, type of assessment, and cost.
Navigating the Resource Bank for Assessments

Searching for an Assessment

Search District Sample Curriculum

eNetColorado also provides a way to search for District Sample curriculum by grade, content area, and keyword. Go to:

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Recent Group Activity

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Assessment Review Tool

The Assessment Review Tool is designed to help Colorado educators rate an assessment’s potential for measuring student academic growth aligned to the Colorado Academic Standards. This tool helps measure the extent to which an assessment does the following:

  • Aligns to the Colorado Academic Standards
  • Includes rigorous scoring criteria
  • Is fair and unbiased
  • Provides opportunities for learning

How to Use the Assessment Review Tool Read more »

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Performance Assessment Development Process

Check out the new tools for developing your own Performance Assessments.

Performance Assessment Development Process

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